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New Payroll Option for ERP Subscribers
B&L Information Systems added a new ‘payroll/HR partner’ to its Odyssey enterprise software suite.
Improving Users’ Workflow Control, Automation in New CFD Release
Flow Science Inc. released of version 11.1 of FLOW-3D, its computational fluid dynamics program for solving “free-surface flow problems.”
Cost-Effective Replacement Turbine Wheels
Rösler Metal Finishing’s C-lock turbine wheel uses the centrifugal force of the spinning disc to lock blades in place.
Laboratory Metal Analyzing Spectrometer
Belec Spectrometer’s Vario optical emissions spectrometer is capable of photomultiplier tube metal analysis.
Eight-Day, 30% Capacity Expansion for Iron Melting 
Thomas Dudley foundry has improved melting and casting capability after an update, led by Inductotherm Europe, with no loss of production.
Monitoring System for Vibratory De-Coring
O.M.LER 2000 SRL introduced a coordinated process monitoring system to optimize the de-coring with its AF1470 pneumatic hammer.
Quench/Scrubber System for Treating High-Temp Emissions
Bionomic Industries is introducing the Hi-TScrub Quench/Scrubber system for treating contaminants emitted from high temperature sources.
Pursuing Progress and Sharing Rewards 
An authority on green sand casting finds his purpose return value to the scientific and industrial community to which he feels grateful.
High-Density Insulating Firebrick
Morgan Advanced Materials’ new JM-HD insulating firebrick combines kaolin and high-purity alumina.
3D Printing Development Kit
Viridis3D LLC released the RAM10 open materials development kit for metalcasterrs’ additive manufacturing projects.
Automated Transport, Cooling for Castings
The Magaldi Casting Cooler is an automated system for transporting and cooling castings in sand molds.
MIM Operation Adds Alloys, Emphasizing Speed and Delivery 
An emerging breed of operations calling themselves “rapid manufacturers” are implementing various production technologies to fulfill the claims.
Demand for Refractories Seen Rising to $3.1 Billion
Demand for refractories by U.S. manufacturers is forecast to slow to a 3.3% annual rate over the current five-year term, rising to $3.1 billion through 2019.
Hot Idea for Mold Preheating, and More  1
Infrared heaters consume far less energy than convection ovens, and can b retrofitted to conventional gas or electric ovens.
Video Borescopes with Annotation, Brighter Illumination
Hawkeye® V2 video borescopes now offer the ability to include notations to still images and video footage.
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