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Foundry’s Well-Timed Progress Matches the Market 
Alucast Ltd., a producer of sand gravity and pressure castings in England’s West Midlands, aims to introduce new products and gain new business, having impressed automakers and their Tier Ones with its quality and technical expertise.
Release Agents for High-Pressure Diecasting
Henkel Bonderite L-CA CP release agents for the high-pressure diecasting of powertrain and structural parts are available as pure oil-spray applications or diluted lubricants up to ratios of 1:300, reducing thermal stress on the dies, optimizing cycle times, and improving the overall quality of the cast parts.
High-Efficiency Fluidized-Bed Scrubber
Bionomic Industries Inc.’s RotaBed patented fluidized bed scrubber handles gas capacities from 500 through 250,000 acfm, and with a swirl-induced Coriolis grid that achieves high fluidized bed stability, makes gas mixing and transfer efficient.
Grit Blaster for Batch-Processing Gas Turbine Blades
Guyson developed a semi-automatic grit-blasting process for aerospace gas-turbine blades, with six adjustable guns mounted to and oscillator that moves at programmable RPMs, to handle a large 34-in.- diameter basket and a 100-lb. loads.
Bulk Bag-Closing Device Stops Partial Discharges
Vibra Screw Inc., a manufacturer of equipment and systems for precision processing of dry bulk materials, is offering a new bulk bag closing device designed to quickly, safely stop flow from partially discharged bulk bags.
New Universal Molding Machine for Speed, Flexibility
Palmer Manufacturing & Supply Inc. introduced a Universal Molding Machine (UMM) that it explained accepts either existing green sand or no-bake tooling. It was developed to respond to the typical jobbing foundry operation, where production levels are variable and quantities range from a few pieces to thousands of molds.
Harmonizing Power Conditions for Better Melt Shop Results
When a normal sinusoidal wave becomes distorted, it contains the original waveform - the fundamental - and also a series of higher-frequency sinusoidal waveforms that are multiples of the original waveform frequency. Know more about harmonics to improve induction melting results.
Resin-Coated Sand Lowers In-Plant Smoke, Odor, Emissions
Fairmount Santrol introduced TechniSand TruCoat resin-coated sand with the claim that it has been engineered “to dramatically lower in-plant smoke, odor and emissions as well as deliver superior performance.”
Ductwork for Abrasive Foundry Applications
Hammertek Corp.’s cast aluminum line of Smart Elbow® deflection elbows is offered in tube and pipe sizes from 1.5 to 12 inches (3.8 - 30.5 cm) diameter. Engineered for dilute-phase and dense-phase pneumatic conveying, the deflection elbows prevent sand, lime, iron oxide, and other abrasives from impacting the elbow wall, and causing wear, failure and downtime.
High-Throughput Wheel Inspection System
Following intensive testing during production of over 250,000 inspected wheels, Yxlon International introduced its WI26 G wheel inspection system, with automatic defect recognition and a new Panel 460 detector. According to the developer, it’s a design geared for speed, inspection decision-making at its best, and minimum maintenance requirements.
Atmosphere Control Systems for Better MIM Parts
Linde LLC introduced the Sinterflex® Atmosphere Control System (ACS) for carbon control in sintering of metal injection-molded (MIM) parts. It claims the process effectively doubles the number of parts “in-spec, resulting in significant improvements in quality, productivity, and profitability.”
"Most User Friendly" Metallurgical Process Control System
NovaCast Systems introduced ATAS MetStar 9.0, an adaptive metallurgical process control system for analyzing, stabilizing, and optimizing metallurgical production that it called “the most user-friendly metallurgical process control system on the market.”
Investment Casting Foundry Cited by OSHA
The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited PCC Structurals-Groton, a steel investment casting foundry in Groton, CT, with 20 serious violations of workplace safety regulations. It said its inspectors found employees there faced the risk of chemical burns, fire, lacerations, amputations, electric shock and other injuries,
Patented System Keeps Patterns, Cores Reliable 
Rampf Tooling Solutions received a patent for its face casting system, a process for coating patterns or coreboxes with casting resin to improve and prolong its performance.
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