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Hand-Held Combustion Gas/Emissions Analyzer
The E Instruments International E4400 portable flue gas analyzer is for emissions monitoring, and maintenance and tuning of combustion processes.
Semi-Automatic Tabletop ECT Module
UniWest’s new ES-1000 is a tabletop, 3-axis, semi-automatic eddy-current testing system for rotationally symmetric parts, such as engine disk bores and webs.
HEPA-Quality Industrial Vacuum
Exair’s 110-gallon Heavy-Duty HEPA Vac is a HEPA-quality industrial vacuum cleaner with a higher capacity drum that requires less frequent changes during clean-up.
Ultra High-Pressure Cylinder Bore Treatment
Dürr Ecoclean's PulseBoreCenter uses high-pressure water jetting to activate cylinder bore surfaces of engine blocks prior to thermal coating, using no more than 600 bar.
Drying Lost-Foam Molds
Davron Technologies Inc. developed a gas-powered continuous conveyor oven to dry moisture from slurry on ceramic filters manufactured in a lost-foam casting process.
Loop-Powered Particulate Monitor
FilterSense Inc.’s loop-powered particulate-flow/emissions monitor and filter leak detectors provide simple, two-wire installation and single-piece mounting.
Robot for Hot Ladle, Converter Cleaning
The Brokk Inc. 800S demolition machine is the most powerful on the market, built for the most extreme tunneling, mining and construction work, and the Brokk 800P variant is for hot ladle or converter cleaning, or whole refractory renovations.
Automated Internal Deburring
Walther Trowal’s VG 25 vibratory finishing system effectively completes deburring and grinding for complex and delicate internal surface areas of high-value components.
Metalcasting-Specific ERP Now Updated
B&L Information Systems, a developer of ERP software for foundries and diecasters, introduced Odyssey 4.6 MR3 for general availability. B&L’s Customer Feedback Forum was the source for seven enhancements to MR3. Vice president - Business Development, Matt Gacek noted this customer-focused initiative is critical to the ongoing development of the enterprise platform.
Portable Robotic Scanner
NVision introduced a lightweight, turn-key laser scanning system it said offers fully automated scanning with 3D analysis. “The RoboScanner provides a significantly faster way to accurately measure components in a production environment,” stated president Steve Kersen.
Roller Shot Blast Machine
Viking Blast & Wash Systems’ RT 1212 pass-through blaster machine has a blast width of 12 in. by 12 in. tall, and brings new efficiency to operators.
Measuring Arm + Software
Hexagon Metrology offers Romer measuring arm packages equipped with PC-DMIS Touch Portable measurement software. Using high-resolution Multi-Touch display technology on a tablet PC, users physically interact with the software’s guided measurement sequences and report templates.
Mini-Drag Machines
Rosler R-SF mini-drag machines provide a superior finishes and precise, repeatable processes for a wide range of components, from propellers and golf-clubs to artificial joints and dental implants.
Vision-Guided Robotics
ABB Robotics introduced Integrated Vision, a powerful smart camera system that makes vision-guided robotics applications faster and easier to deploy.
Auto-Deposition Coating for Ferrous Castings
Henkel Corporation introduced a water-based reactive auto-deposition coating — Bonderite® M-PP 930C™ — formulated specifically to deliver a uniform, defect-free surface coating on raw cast components and ferrous metals.
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Q Why should I consider upgrading my cold box binder system?  If everything is working satisfactorily, what improvements should I identify?  Also, what sort of return on investment (ROI), if any, should I expect?

A Unfortunately, it’s impossible to determine ROI for a hypothetical binder upgrade.  First, production variations establish unparalleled uniqueness between foundries....Read Full Answer

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