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Browser-Based UI for Metalcasting ERP
B&L Information Systems is issuing Odyssey 4.7 MR1, a new version of its Odyssey enterprise resource planning (ERP) software platform for foundries and diecasters.
High-Efficiency Dry Ice Delivery System
Cold Jet’s E160 Pelletizer dry ice extruder has minimal space requirements and manufactures 3- to 16-mm dry ice pellets on demand.
New Inorganic Binder Formulations Improve Cores, Shakeout
ASK Chemicals Inotec TC 5000 and Inotec HS 3000 inorganic developments lead to improved shakeout and higher moisture stability of the cores.
Photo by Messe Düsseldorf/ Constanze Tillmann
Exhibitors Already Pushing GIFA to Set New Records
Exhibitors are setting new records for space reserved at GIFA 2015 to be staged June 16-20, 2015 in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Andalusite/SiC Refractory Brick Anchors
Rath introduced Silrath AK60SiC anchors in andalusite/silicon carbide, to support monolithic linings.
Bringing the World Together
The GIFA in Düsseldorf, Germany consistently brings together the largest crowds of any metalcasting event, and that fact continues to be one of its most compelling features.
Distortion Measurement/Wheel Positioning Machine
LMC Workholding introduced the Numtec MD300/320 distortion measurement and wheel positioning machine for measuring wheels before machining.
Furnace Melts 1,000 lbs./hr., Right at the Machine
Rayteq LLC’s Model DC-950 electric-resistance, crucible-type aluminum melting furnace has a melting rate of 1,000 lbs./hour and a capacity of more than two tons.
Fast, Versatile Deburring Machine
FEIN Power Tools offers the Slugger GXE, a fast, versatile deburring machine for numerous product types.
Micro-Imaging Software System
Oympus Corp.’s Olympus Stream 1.9.2 advanced micro-imaging software system turns industrial microscopes into high-performance analysis tools.
Magnetic Drum Separators
Eriez’s magnetic drum separators offer an effective approach for separating ferrous parts from abrasive media.
High-Stability Ceramic Core Material
Morgan Advanced Materials introduced P-59, a high-silica ceramic with a fine particle-size distribution.
Robotic Blasting Machine for Shot or Grit
Guyson reintroduced its RB-RSSA-8 robotic blast system for cleaning and surface prep of aerospace castings.
Wall Colmonoy Acquires Franklin Bronze & Alloys
Wall Colmonoy acquired Franklin Bronze & Alloy, adding more specialty metalcasting capacity to the organization known for surfacing and brazing products.
Die/Mold-Handling Transporter
Air Technical Industries’ versatile die and mold handling transporter can rotate a heavy object through 360°.
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