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High-Density Insulating Firebrick
Morgan Advanced Materials’ new JM-HD insulating firebrick combines kaolin and high-purity alumina.
3D Printing Development Kit
Viridis3D LLC released the RAM10 open materials development kit for metalcasterrs’ additive manufacturing projects.
Automated Transport, Cooling for Castings
The Magaldi Casting Cooler is an automated system for transporting and cooling castings in sand molds.
MIM Operation Adds Alloys, Emphasizing Speed and Delivery 
An emerging breed of operations calling themselves “rapid manufacturers” are implementing various production technologies to fulfill the claims.
Demand for Refractories Seen Rising to $3.1 Billion
Demand for refractories by U.S. manufacturers is forecast to slow to a 3.3% annual rate over the current five-year term, rising to $3.1 billion through 2019.
Hot Idea for Mold Preheating, and More 
Infrared heaters consume far less energy than convection ovens, and can b retrofitted to conventional gas or electric ovens.
Video Borescopes with Annotation, Brighter Illumination
Hawkeye® V2 video borescopes now offer the ability to include notations to still images and video footage.
Horizontal Machining Customized for Diecastings
Makino’s new a40 horizontal machining center is custom designed for machining nonferrous diecastings.
New Cover Alloys for Ductile Iron Treatment
Elkem Foundry Products offers three new grades of magnesium cover alloys, responding to various needs of ductile iron foundries.
Tellurium-Free Sampling Cup
NovaCast introduced a new a tellurium-free sampling device for CGI called the PrEco (Precision Eco- logical) cup.
What You May Not Know About Vibratory Shakeout Systems 
At the shakeout stage of metalcasting, achieving and maintaining low operating cost is standard operating procedure.
Alumina Crucibles in Various Sizes, Tolerances
Goodfellow Ceramic and Glass Division offers alumina crucibles in sizes ranging from 0.03 ml to multi-liter capacity.
New Protective Apparel Combines Comfort, Safety
Victaulic partnered with Toray Fluorofibers and Majestic Fire Apparel to develop a foundry worker safety coat.
Metalcasting’s Historic Moment
The global metalcasting industry prepares itself for a high-tech, high-value future.
Mini Pneumatic Transporter for Sand
Alb. Klein Technology Group introduced the Plug Flo® Mini pneumatic transporter, a low-profile sand conveying package.
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