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Hybrid Ceramic-Bonded Clay-Graphite Crucibles
Morgan Advanced Materials’ Molten Metal Systems business reported that its new Syncarb Z2 family of crucibles is achieving substantial cost savings in operational conditions.
Multi-Part Clamping for Precision Machining
Kurt Workholding high-density CarvLock® workholding towers offer manufacturers a reliable system for precision machining of high volumes of parts.
3D Modeling with New Simulation Tools, Intuitive Set-Up
Flow Science Inc. introduced version 4 of FLOW-3D Cast, its modeling software for metalcasting processes, with new capabilities based on its recently released solver for FLOW-3D version 11.
Vacuum Degassing Systems for Steel
Technology packages include pumps, components, frequency converters to prevent gas temperatures from exceeding defined limits for high-quality refined steel
Roberts Sinto Celebrates Milestone
Roberts Sinto Corporation is marking its fiftieth anniversary supplying mold and coremaking machinery and handling systems to metalcasters.
Image Analysis Software
Olympus Inspector Series software is an image analysis program that helps turn Olympus microscopes into high-performance analysis stations, and provides users with accurate, reproducible particle-size and distribution data.
Explosion Isolation Valve
Camfil Air Pollution Control introduced the Stinger™ valve that isolates dust collector explosions to prevent a deflagration from traveling through the inlet pipe of the dust collector into the workspace.
Digital Generator for Coating, Cleaning
The SonoPower Digital 3S is Weber Ultrasonics' response to stricter requirements for process stability and cost-efficiency in the field of surface technology.
Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
Gow-Mac Instrument Co.’s Series 2300 is a microprocessor-controlled instrument designed to measure concentrations of hydrocarbons continuously.
Zero-Hydraulics Lift Table
Air Technical Industries developed a series of ground-level lift tables powered by an electric motor, with lifting action by machine or ball screw rather than hydraulics.
Laser Scanning Speeds Conversion of Moldings to Diecastings 
NVision Inc. helped Misfit Industries reduce the time and production cost for bringing a new series of Harley-Davidson custom parts to market.
Demanding Results from Shakeout Systems 
Shakeout machine builders can supply lots of answers and solutions, but foundries have to know which problems are most important to address.
Injection-Molded Ceramics for Investment Casting
Morgan Advanced Materials’ Certech injection-molded ceramics are specifically engineered for investment casting of airfoils and parts for industrial gas turbines (IGTs.)
Computed Tomography Inspection for NDT
Yxlon introduced the FF20 CT and FF35 CT systems for non-destructive testing and measurement of materials.
High-Temp, High-Pressure Particulate Sensor
The FilterSense Model PS 10 particulate flow/emission sensor is engineered for harsh processes with high temperatures and high pressures.
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