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Large-Capacity Molten Metal Circulation Pump
Molten Metal Equipment Innovations introduced the Bigfoot circulation and gas injection pump, developed to address clients’ needs for increased flow during molten metal circulation, but with reduced size.
Inspecting Castings, Tracing Quality for Modern Foundries
Highly productive foundries increasingly invest in the automation of their production facilities in order to remain competitive. Here are examples of available technologies to automate inspection.
RFID Monitoring Tracks Foundry Ladles
Compacted-graphite iron production process developer SinterCast A.B. launched a monitoring technology to track and record the progress of each ladle as it progresses through a foundry. The Ladle Tracker™ technology was tested and commissioned at the Tupy foundry in Saltillo, Mexico, the developers noted.
Industrial Vacuum for Removing Silica Dust
Industrial vacuum developer Ruwac USA offers the WS2320-HD - a heavy-duty intermittent duty vacuum that features 11 Hg of negative vacuum pressure, and is described as “the most powerful of its kind in the market, and doesn’t give hazardous silica dust a chance.”
Direct Contact, Waste Heat Recovery
Bionomic Industries Inc. introduced the QSense direct contact, waste heat-recovery system designed to recover waste heat BTUs economically from ovens, boilers, kilns, dryers, thermal oxidizers, and incinerators.
Casting Solidification Modeling Software Update
Flow Science Inc. released Flow-3D Cast v4.2, an advanced, “what you see is what you need” (WYSIWYN) interface, process-oriented workspaces and a new die spray cooling model.
Efficient, Reliable Large-Scale Induction Melting 
Inductotherm Group, known for foundry melting and pouring, delivered a comprehensive, melt shop design for a manufacturer of commodity-grade steel. The project illustrates the contractor’s global scope, and the demand for high-tech industrial expertise.
Advanced Atmosphere Control for Annealing
Linde LLC’s HydroFlex universal atmosphere control system performs clean and bright oxide-free annealing of steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze, or brass, with high reliability and repeatability.
Robotized Grit-Blasting Work Cell
Guyson’s model RXS-400 rotary-index, twin-spindle machine is designed to operate as the basis of grit-blasting work cell, and with a Fanuc M710 robot makes an ideal platform for high-precision robotic grit blasting
Single-Axis Scanning Laser Micrometer
LaserLinc Inc., a manufacturer of precision-measurement technology for diameter, ovality, wall thickness, concentricity, eccentricity and inside diameter, introduced the TLAser1240™ scanning laser micrometer, a single-axis diameter gauge for inspecting large products, quickly and accurately, without contact.
Foundry’s Well-Timed Progress Matches the Market 
Alucast Ltd., a producer of sand gravity and pressure castings in England’s West Midlands, aims to introduce new products and gain new business, having impressed automakers and their Tier Ones with its quality and technical expertise.
Release Agents for High-Pressure Diecasting
Henkel Bonderite L-CA CP release agents for the high-pressure diecasting of powertrain and structural parts are available as pure oil-spray applications or diluted lubricants up to ratios of 1:300, reducing thermal stress on the dies, optimizing cycle times, and improving the overall quality of the cast parts.
High-Efficiency Fluidized-Bed Scrubber
Bionomic Industries Inc.’s RotaBed patented fluidized bed scrubber handles gas capacities from 500 through 250,000 acfm, and with a swirl-induced Coriolis grid that achieves high fluidized bed stability, makes gas mixing and transfer efficient.
Grit Blaster for Batch-Processing Gas Turbine Blades
Guyson developed a semi-automatic grit-blasting process for aerospace gas-turbine blades, with six adjustable guns mounted to and oscillator that moves at programmable RPMs, to handle a large 34-in.- diameter basket and a 100-lb. loads.
Bulk Bag-Closing Device Stops Partial Discharges
Vibra Screw Inc., a manufacturer of equipment and systems for precision processing of dry bulk materials, is offering a new bulk bag closing device designed to quickly, safely stop flow from partially discharged bulk bags.
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