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More Powerful, Remote-Controlled Demo Machine
Brokk, a manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition machines, introduced the Brokk 280 — which has enhanced demolition power, includes the new Brokk SmartPower™ electrical system, and incorporates additional hardened parts for extra durability in tough environments.
Efficient, “Whisper Quiet” Air Compressor
The Boge America Inc. S-4 air compressor machine is a redesigned screw compressor that maintains low noise levels — at 69 dB(A) — with an enclosed direct drive that ensures low-maintenance for continuous operation, even with high dust volumes.
Custom-Sized, Shaped Ceramic Foams
Goodfellow introduced a new line of ceramic foams that can be manufactured in nonstandard sizes and shapes. Currently available materials include silicon carbide, alumina, zirconia, or graphite. Products can be sized up to 50X600X800 mm.
Metalcasting Business Outlook Data — 2017
Each year FM&T surveys readers to gain the metalcasting market outlook of those who are active in North America’s foundries and diecasting plants.
2017 Metalcasting Outlook 
As 2017 arrives, the metalcasting industry can be confident it has the experienced personnel, strategic insights, and technological resources to drive almost any growth strategy, or to combat any challenge to its stability and resourcefulness. What it needs, what it hopes for, is the opportunity to grow and expand, and to demonstrate the breadth of its potential.
Dust Suppression System for Airborne Silica
Blastcrete Equipment Co. introduced a dust suppression system that limits silica dust exposure in industrial and other (construction, mining) applications. The patent-pending DustAway system encapsulates airborne particles, helping to control respirable dust to meet new OSHA regulations for crystalline silica dust.
System Monitors Nitrogen-Supply Safety Purge
Linde LLC helps heat treatment furnace operators to improve safety by installing a protective-atmosphere safety monitoring system in compliance with the National Fire Protection Association’s “Standard for Ovens and Furnaces” (NFPA 86).
Bradken Accepts $520-Million Takeover Offer from Hitachi
Bradken Ltd., an Australian manufacturer of iron and steel castings, has accepted a takeover offer from Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., for which it supplies various component parts for mining equipment. The estimated $5207.2-million offer (A$688.5 million) is available to Bradken shareholders until February 10, 2017.
New CRM Module for Foundry-Focused ERP
B&L Information Systems is introducing a "customer relationship management" module for its Odyssey 5.0 ERP platform. CRM is one of several improvements and new functions available to users of Odyssey 5.0 MR2, now in general availability.
Instant Rewards in Investment Casting
The Investment Casting Institute honored the best component designs of 2016 for aerospace, automotive, industrial, and defense applications.
Vision System for Faster Bin Picking
Liebherr Automation is offering a new vision system based on the triangulation method that will improve bin picking by ensuring greater accuracy, better component recognition, and faster handling. “Smart” removal of workpieces from a random arrangement, so-called “bin picking”, provides higher productivity, less burden on human resources and lower unit labor costs.
Cutting Fluid Keeps Cool, Runs Smooth, and Lasts
Husqvarna Group’s headquarters plant produces outdoor power tools like chainsaws and trimmers. To maintain its high productivity targets, and a safe and healthy workplace, Husqvarna adopted Henkel’s Bonderite L-MR bactericide-free cutting fluids.
Software Designed to Reduce Sample Analysis Time
Pathfinder X-ray microanalysis software introduced by Thermo Fisher Scientific is designed to process incoming data from X-ray detector technology and provide a real-time statistical map of the chemical constituents within a sample.
New Simulation Suite Update Reduces Turnaround Times
ESI Group’s ProCAST 2016 increases turnaround times with new workflows dedicated to gravity casting and high-pressure diecasting. Set-up time for gravity casting is reduced to just a few minutes, while the workflow for high-pressure diecasting incorporates machine selection, and bridges the gap between design and production to increase efficiency on the shop floor.
ASK Chemicals Building Plant to Supply Mexican Foundries
ASK Chemicals LLC approved plans to build a new manufacturing plant in Monterrey, Mexico, to produce sand binders, refractory coatings, and riser sleeves for metalcasting operations in the region.
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