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Automatic Blasting Control System
The Rösler Max-Imp®-System is a series of sensors that define optimal blast patterns for surface finishing.
Infrared Pyrometer with Thermal Imaging Capabilities
LumaSense Technologies Inc. introduced the integrated ISR 6-TI Advanced pyrometer for increased control and optimization of thermal measuring and imaging.
BMW Honors ASK Chemicals for Innovation, ‘Sustainability’
ASK Chemicals wins BMW “Innovations award for development of inorganic binders.
Particulate CEM Instrument
The FilterSense PM 100 particulate CEM offers low maintenance, accuracy, and low level monitoring.
Low-Viscosity Formulations for Cutting/Grinding
QualiChem introduced Eqo-Max premium low-viscosity vegetable-based straight oils.
Diecaster Lines Up New Melting System
StrikoWestofen installed a StrikoMelter furnace for CastAlum, an automotive aluminum diecaster.
High-Performance Computing Version of CFD for Metacasting
Flow Science Inc. released a high-performance computing version of its CFD software, Flow-3D/MP v6.
Aluminum-Oxide Cutting Wheels for Cutting Steel, Ferrous Metals
Norton | Saint-Gobain introduced an upgrade to its Norton Gemini RightCut aluminum oxide wheels.
Rugged Handheld Device
Handheld Group’s Nautiz X4 is a combination of mobility and field functionality in a “ruggedized” handheld device.
Improved Non-Contact Thermometers
Ametek Land added a high-efficiency route manager and new protections against accidental damage to its Cyclops portable non-contact thermometers.
Portable Industrial Emissions Analyzer
The new E5500 combustion analyzer available from E Instruments International is described as a complete, portable tool for emissions monitoring for regulatory and maintenance applications.
New Formulations for Diecasting
Quaker Chemical introduced high-performance plunger lubricants and new robotic greases for diecasting operations.
Breakthrough Fine-Particulate Control
Bionomic Industries Inc. launched the HEI Wet Electrostatic Precipitator System that incorporates a novel discharge electrode technology that can be sized to specific applications.
Chucks for Delicate Parts
Dillon pin-location top jaws hold small and delicate parts firmly without damaging or marring their surface.
Precision Air/Gas-Flow Metering
The ST75 air/gas flow meter from Fluid Components International measures gas streams to optimize the fuel-to-air ratio for plant burner-boiler control, reducing plant fuel costs.
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