WALTER MEIER (MANUFACTURING) INC.’snew JET® 3 x 79-in. belt grinder is well suited for industrial grinding and finishing operations on either flat or angular metal work pieces.  “With this rugged workhorse, you have a full 3 x 21-in. grinding plane for shaping, roughing, and contouring – all on the same high-performance machine,” according to Peggy McGann, product manager for JET Metalworking.  “It’s ideal for grinding castings or removing burrs from any ferrous or nonferrous work pieces, including stainless steel.”

The belt grinder is powered by a 4-HP, 220-V motor at a constant belt speed of 6,600 feet per minute.  It is available in single or three-phase models to allow installation in a wide range of machine shop, fabricator, or foundry settings. 

The belt grinder is equipped with long-lasting urethane drive and idle wheels.  During belt changes, a knob on the side of the grinder is used to adjust belt tracking and tensioning for prolonged belt and machine life.  The vented front wheel is fixed in place for rigidity when grinding on the wheel radius.

A hinged top cover with a locking handle opens for access to grind large work pieces, using the entire length of the belt. JET’s spark arrester prevents sparks from flying while using the full belt length. 

A removable front catch basin helps keep the grinding machine clean.  Also provided are a 3-in., round connector and hose clamp for mounting to a metalworking dust collection system. 

The belt grinder pivots up and down on its triangular base to facilitate work height adjustments.  The entire machine is constructed of heavy steel that is folded and electro-welded for rigidity and vibration prevention. The single-phase model weighs 200 lbs. and the three-phase model weighs 210 lbs. Three extra 80-grit silicon carbide belts are supplied with each belt grinder.