VIKING BLAST & WASH SYSTEMS released its latest product, an industrial shot blaster redesigned as a pass-through operation.  The CB 3630 has a blast width of 36 X 30 in. (W X H), and according to the builder it brings new efficiency for operators.

This redesigned unit incorporates fuse-less starters with phase-loss and imbalance protection.  Viking's blasters are provided with zero-speed sensors as standard on the driven end of abrasive conveyance shafts, significantly reducing down time when components wear out or fail. 

The CB 3630’s air intake is “aggressive” and allows for application of more air through the abrasive stream, resulting in cleaner abrasive and a cleaner cabinet. 

The cabinet is lined with bolt-in, replaceable half-inch ship-lapped, cast chrome wear liners mounted directly opposite to the blast wheels: this will protect the cabinet from direct blast abrasive impingement.

Most cleaning applications are covered by the standard offering, but the unit can be outfitted with a rotary scalping drum, auxiliary abrasive hoppers, and 20-, 25-, or 30-HP blast wheels verses the standard 15-HP wheels. 

All Viking cartridge style dust collectors are sold with NFPA required deflagration panels as standard.