The new TECHNO-SOMMER Sharpshooter lubrication system addresses several problems in preventive and predictive maintenance programs, all of them related to lubrication effectiveness.

In some automated assembly or machine lubrication applications it is difficult to get near the point that needs the fluid or lubricant. In some applications, the fluid is expensive and must be dispensed very carefully and precisely. In some cases, a mist of lubricant is not acceptable for the surroundings – either in the air or on the surrounding equipment. And in some applications, moving the dispensing system in and out to the point of lubrication is too expensive.

The Techno-Sommer Sharpshooter system works via standard shop air at up to 90 psi and can place a drop of lubricant at up to 1 meter away with pinpoint accuracy. A pressurized tank generates internal pressures up to 750 psi. When a pulse is generated, a fixed drop size is dispensed.

Up to eight dispensing nozzles can be attached to one tank. The dispensing nozzles are available in four sizes ranging from 5 mm3 to 100 mm3. An extension hose of up to 2 meters in length allows for the dispensing nozzle to be placed around corners, and in spots that are very hard to reach. The Sharpshooter will work with most fluids that do not contain solid particles or adhesives, with a viscosity range of 10-150 centi-Stokes (mm2/sec.)