DÜRR ECOCLEAN has developed an eco-friendly cleaning technology that reliably removes both particulate and film-type contamination from parts and surfaces of materials without any use of chemicals. The EcoCSteam method uses saturated steam, plus high-velocity airflow. Apart from its ecological advantages, the process can be easily automated and excels in economic and quality aspects.

In industrial part and surface cleaning, optimization of cost efficiency, sustainability, and quality has gained increasing significance. Dürr Ecoclean GmbH's EcoCSteam technology supports this trend. The new steam cleaning process ensures rapid and reliable removal of particulate and film-type contaminants – e.g., oils, grease, emulsions, mold lubricants, chips, particles, dust, and fingerprints – from any material without the use of detergents. Another advantage of this eco-friendly technology is that it lends itself easily to automation and can be integrated into manufacturing lines without any problem.

In the past, cleaning large and heavy parts such as wind turbine transmissions, railway engine blocks, and vehicle bogies, or boat and ship engines required extremely large and expensive cleaning equipment. For such applications EcoCSteam opens up new perspectives in cleaning quality and cost efficiency. Moreover, the process provides optimal results when it comes to cleaning mechanical items, such as, e.g., cylinder heads, housings and stampings. It is likewise suitable for cleaning tanks, composite parts, and sectional material, as well as metal and plastic parts intended for subsequent painting or coating. Compared to conventional solutions, EcoCSteam provides higher cleaning quality in less cycle time. This has been demonstrated in diverse applications, inside and outside the automotive industry.