For heavy machining, CIMCOOL FLUID TECHNOLOGY’s Cimperial soluble oils offer long fluid life, corrosion protection, high lubricity, low foaming characteristic, and excellent rancidity control. The product line’s 1072 series fluids are designed for heavy-duty machining and grinding on ferrous and nonferrous metals and tested in the most challenging applications.

•  Cimperial 1072C is a chlorinated soluble oil recommended for machining and grinding operations that offers good mix stability in high harness, high sulfate, and high chloride water conditions.

•  Cimperial 1072D is a soluble oil recommended for machining and grinding operations on mild steels, stainless steels, hardened steels, exotics, and most aluminum alloys.

•  Cimperial 1072-HFP with FACT is a premium soluble oil recommended for numerous heavy-duty machining operations, including turning, drilling, tapping, reaming, gear cutting, and broaching. The Cimperial 1072-HFP was developed for use in high fluid pressure applications.

All Cimcool products are backed with +70 years of product performance. The company is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified. Cimperial metalworking fluids are “machine friendly” and engineered to save money on storage, handling, mixing, charging, make-up and maintenance costs.  Specialty formulations contain extreme pressure additives providing for enhanced machining and grinding performance capabilities in the most difficult applications.

Free trials of one of the 1072 series, or any other Cimcool product, are available.