ROSLER METAL FINISHING USA LLC introduced the RMO line of mobile trough machines for grinding small components. Operating at 3,600 rpm, RMO machines provide high grinding power, but also address space-saving concerns: The machines are available with 7- or 8-inch wide tubs, making them suitable processing small, complex parts in volume production.

The developer noted the RMO machines are specifically designed for flexibility and process integration. The process channel can be separated by a series of polyurethane-coated dividers to process different parts at the same time, while ensuring batch integrity.

Built-in wheels allow RMO machines to be moved easily around the plant, and placed next to machining centers, with no need for major material handling operations.

RMO machines also feature sound abatement enclosures to surround the process chamber and reduce noise levels significantly.

In addition to trough machines, Rosler has a selection of vibratory finishing machines and centrifugal disk machines.