Sheffield Forgemasters International Ltd.’s specialty offshore technology and project management division is designing and fabricating an oil-and-gas ‘jacket’ for an important project in Britain’s North Sea oil market.

Talisman Sinopec Energy U.K. selected Offshore Group Newcastle (OGN) for a £50-million (nearly $80 million) contract to design and fabricate the oil and gas ‘jacket’ – a steel support structure for an offshore platform support structure that is fixed to the sea-bed. OGN is specialty engineering and construction group for the offshore oil-and-gas industries, and it ass

Talisman Sinopec is redeveloping the Montrose, Arbroath, Brechin, Arkwright, Carnoustie and Wood oil fields in the North Sea, and developing two new fields, the Cayley and Shaw. The project gained U.K. government approval last October, and is forecast to extend the six oilfields’ life expectancy by 100 million barrels of oil.

OGN chose Vulcan SFM, the Sheffield Forgemasters unit, to design and produce four large-scale castings — two pad ‘eyes’, each weighing 27 metric tons, and two trunnion nodes, each weighing 55 metric tons. Vulcan SFM offers engineering expertise designing casting shapes to meet specific load cases and validated by finite element analysis.

The pad eyes and nodes will form high-strength, fatigue-resistant joints to connect the main leg and brace tubulars that form the jacket structure. These components will allow the massive 5,400-metric ton jacket to be lifted, rotated and installed on the seabed at its location in the North Sea - 130 miles east of Aberdeen, Scotland.

The jacket structure, nearly 120 m long, will support a 10,000-metric ton deck. It will be ready in spring 2014, with installation expected next summer.