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The  brand IMERYS Metalcasting Additives Business unit has emerged from the IKO brand after the S&B Group joined the IMERYS in 2015. The brand symbolizes know-how, customized services, innovation and quality to our foundry customers. The IMERYS group serves customers in all continents incorporating the expertise, and advanced application technology. By joining forces with IMERYS, the world leader in mineral-based specialties for industry, we enhance the range of our innovative solutions to the Global Foundry Market.

Innovation for the Foundry Industry
Our leading technology has been instrumental in the development of a range of innovative products and solutions for many segments within the foundry industry, not only improving foundry processes and efficiency in both molding and core making but also addressing environmental concerns. From Envibond® reducing hazardous emissions to RIKO® technology utilizing foundry waste streams, we are constantly searching for new and sustainable solutions to the industry’s ever-evolving challenges.

Green Molding Sand Additives

Modern foundry technology is focused on the production of high quality castings with complex geometries and near net shape. The increasing technical demands for thin walled castings exert a high thermal and mechanical loading to the mold during production. High quality bentonite bonded molding sands are able to offer the requisite solution for mold stability and the necessary flexibility for the production of castings that comply with the ever stringent demands. The high thermal durability of our bentonite binders ensures the production of defect free castings and, in combination with a low consumption, offers strong ecological compatibility. 

Based on our extensive expertise in the field of molding sand additives we offer customized blends from our extensive product portfolio to meet the specific customer requirements.

Technical Expertise
IMERYS expert technical services provide our valued customers with support and solutions that contribute to the optimization of their molding processes. Our support team has many years of “hands on” foundry experience combined with in-depth knowledge of both processes and materials. Through the support of our well-equipped laboratories and technicians we are able to make full analysis of molding sands and associated materials.


•   PREMIX — conventional molding sand binders formulated with various clay products, various organic and inorganic additives
•   IKOQUICK® — the innovative solution to maximum quality with selected grades of Bentonite with the addition of organic additives
•   ENVIBOND® — an innovative solution to maximize the reduction in emission characteristics of green sand with a blend of proprietary material additives
•   IKOBOND® — is a Wyoming Sodium Bentonite that is used in foundry greensand systems
•   HYDROBOND® — is an engineered 200 mesh commercial Wyoming Sodium Bentonite that is used in foundry green sand systems
•   NATIONAL® Standard Bentonite — is a Wyoming Sodium Bentonite that is used in foundry greensand systems
•   Calcium Bentonite – is a natural Calcium Bentonite that is used in foundry greensand systems
•   RIKO® — sand additives that reduce casting defects and improve molding sand performance
•   SLAGBUSTER® — a slag coagulant for immediate reaction
•   Antrapex® — with double benefits – in the core and in the molding material
•   IKOBOND® — is a Wyoming Sodium Bentonite that is used in foundry greensand systems.

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