Auto parts producer BorgWarner announced its operations at Ramos-Arizpe — an automaking center in northeast Mexico — have been expanded to produce exhaust gas recirculation modules, ignition coils, and coolant control valves for gas- and diesel-powered cars, minivans and light trucks.  It noted the expansion will increase current capacity and introduce new product capabilities.

BorgWarner noted the expansion will address rising demand for emissions technologies in the North American auto market.

Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) is a NOx emissions reduction method for gasoline and diesel engines in which part of the engine’s exhaust is recirculated back to the engine cylinders. The exhaust gas N2 content is diluted and CO2 gas absorbs combustion heat to reduce temperatures in the cylinder, which reduces the production of NOx.

Reportedly, BorgWarner’s new EGR module is the first such product designed specifically for gasoline engines. The compact design has an integrated EGR cooler and EGR valve, which improves packaging, reliability, response and efficiency to optimize exhaust gas recirculation, according to the manufacturer.

BorgWarner’s compact ignition coil technology achieves more complete combustion, delivers more ignition energy and generates higher voltage than conventional plug top or pencil ignition coils, the company said. And, with a compact design, BorgWarner said its coolant control valves help to optimize engine temperature to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

"BorgWarner's advanced emissions and ignition technologies help automakers meet stringent emissions standards while improving fuel economy and engine performance," stated Brady Ericson, president and general manager, BorgWarner Emissions Systems. "Our expansion in Mexico complements our recent multimillion-dollar investment in Dixon, Illinois. It is an important part of our overall growth and consolidation strategy aimed at serving our customers' growing needs."  

BorgWarner said its expansion will create approximately 350 new manufacturing jobs at Ramos-Arizpe by 2017.