Foseco, manufacturers of a variety of metalcasting consumables, reported it recently completed “a major expansion” of production capacity for STELEX PrO brand of carbon-bonded filters at its plant in Tamworth, England.

Carl Woolley, operations manager at the Tamworth operation, noted that the 18-month project completed earlier this year effectively doubled production capacity there. “This highly efficient kilning process uses dramatically less energy, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas production,” Woolley said. “Product quality and consistency are also improved.”

Part of the Vesuvius family of companies, Foseco specializes in flow control and refractory products for foundry melting and metal transfer. It indicated the expansion was prompted by a rising demand for STELEX PrO filters over recent years.

“The increased demand for high-strength, low-thermal mass filters is due to rapid growth in the high-integrity, large spheroidal graphite iron market, such as hubs for wind turbines and a growing requirement for the benefits of filters in inclusion removal and turbulence reduction in steel casting applications,” explained Nick Child, International Product Manager.

STELEX PrO carbon-bonded filters have a patented design optimized to improve metal flow.  “The ease and consistency of priming reduces the need for super heat, lowering the risk of temperature-related defects,” according to Foseco. It added that the filters’ structure removes inclusions from the melt and reduces the turbulent metal flow that can induce oxidation defects.