GOODFELLOW CORP.’s fused-silica is a popular choice of materials for melting vessels due to its thermal and chemical stability: it makes it possible for vessels to be used with a wide range of materials that may be subject to rapid temperature changes during processing.

However, some manufacturing methods may lead to inconsistent vessels, which risk a much-reduced lifetime, or even failure, during the melting process. To overcome these shortcomings, Goodfellow’s high-purity fused silica melting vessels are molded, producing optimal characteristics for demanding melting applications.

Specific features of high-purity molded fused silica melting vessels include:
•  Seamless one-piece construction of fully dense material;
•  Uniform microstructure with isotropic properties;
•  Nonporous, unreactive internal surface for easy removal of melted material;
•  High-purity fused silica to minimize the possibility of product contamination;
•  Long lifetime of the melting vessel.

Goodfellow offers high-purity molded fused-silica melting vessels in a range of sizes, capacities, and shapes, including square, cylindrical and rectangular. Customized sizes can be produced, with current maximum outer diameter of 635 mm and height of 400 mm.