Gibbs Die Casting in Henderson, KY, will invest $10 million to install new equipment and renovate its workspace, reopening some idle capacity and adding more finish machining capability. The news, which was announced by the Kentucky Network for Development, Leadership and Engagement (Kyndle), is projected to result in 46 new full-time employment positions.

The aluminum diecaster produces automotive engine parts (lower crankcase, tensioner arms, water inlet/outlets, valve covers, bearing caps) and transmission parts (stators, pump bodies, pistons, retainers), as well as steering wheel armatures, air conditioning compressors, and clutch components.

The plant offers squeeze castings and semi-solid castings, and operates a series of diecasting presses ranging from 280- to 1,600-ton in capability. It offers all standard diecast aluminum alloys and multiple permanent mold alloys.

Gibbs also designs and manufactures diecasting tooling, and it has a high-precision machining and assembly operation.

An earlier expansion was launched in 2013, to add capacity for producing new transmission products.

In addition to its Kentucky location, Gibbs Die Casting operates plants in Brazil, China, and Hungary.

“Gibbs Die Casting is extremely excited with our upcoming casting and precision machining expansion projects in Henderson,” stated Steve A. Church, president and CEO. “The facility and production equipment investments will allow Gibbs to advance our technology and secure our future as one of Henderson’s largest

Church thanked the state of Kentucky, for approving incentives under the Kentucky Business Investment Program, and Kyndle for “continued local support."

The Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA) in August preliminarily approved Gibbs Die Casting for performance-based tax incentives valued at up to $800,000, and related to unspecified job and investment targets.

Gibbs Die Casting also qualified for tax incentives worth up to $35,000 through the Kentucky Enterprise Initiative Act, which allows companies to recoup Kentucky sales and use taxes on construction costs, building fixtures, and equipment used in R&D and electronic processing. Also, Gibbs Die Casting is eligible to receive training resources from the Kentucky Skills Network.