RAYTEQ LLC’s “next-generation,” high power-density heating elements are fully compatible with many makes of electric melting and holding furnaces and launder systems that use panel-type heating elements. The supplier noted they produce the highest melting rates for aluminum and magnesium. They feature “improved life-enhancing materials technology,” for greater strength and longer life.

A dual-refractory system helps to eliminate burnouts caused by caustic refractory chemical attacks.

Rayteq’s replacement elements are available in 24” and 28” lengths in many wattages and voltages with either high-nickel stranded or twisted lead wires. Popular sizes are in stock, ready to ship. A chart of available elements is available.)

In addition to the heating elements, Rayteq designs and builds energy-saving electric melting furnaces for light metal casting; supplies portable, compressed-air driven hydrogen porosity checkers for aluminum alloys; and writes and supplies software that reduces utility demand charges.

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