Honda of America Manufacturing Inc. will invest approximately $180 million at its Anna (OH) Engine Plant to install new aluminum diecasting capacity and other engine parts manufacturing capabilities. The new Honda Earth Dreams Technology initiative is the reason for the latest round of investments, as the automaker implements engine designs that it promises will combine fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

The investments at Anna also will include a new technical training center, while at nearby Marysville, OH, Honda is spotting approximately $35 million for a new technical training center, a “heritage center”, and more administrative space for its new Honda North America Services LLC unit.

The total $215 million brings Honda’s North American investment totals to almost $2.7 billion over the past three years.

"For the 21st century of manufacturing, we believe our success will be defined by the successful interaction between our associates and technology," stated Rick Schostek, senior vice president of Honda North America Inc. "Even as we introduce more sophisticated technologies in our products and in our plants, we are working to ensure that our associates are equipped with the skills required for the manufacturing requirements of the future. We view this investment in Honda people as critical to our future success."

Honda Earth Dreams is a new series of engines that emphasize both fuel efficiency and environmental standards. Honda indicates that its Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control System (VTEC) technology improves thermal efficiency and minimizes engine friction. Each of Honda’s five engine classes will be updated to reflect the initiative.

At the Anna, OH, foundry and engine plant, total investment plant over the past three years has been over $500 million. Previous investments have introduced production of direct injection engines and components for continuously variable transmissions (CVTs.)

The two new technical training centers (for powertrains at Anna, for auto manufacturing in Marysville) will be locations for engineers, equipment service technicians, and production-line workers to develop skills related to the new technologies.

At Marysville, Honda is building a 160,000-sq.ft. center for training, office space, and a heritage center that will document the history of Honda in North America.

"We're excited to highlight our more than 30-year history of manufacturing in North America," stated Schostek. "The new Honda facility in Marysville represents an important link between our past achievements and our increasing responsibilities in the future that require advanced production skills and technologies."