Metal Injection Molding Process


Dynacast International has adoped metal injection molding (MIM) as a manufacturing process, expanding its ability to produce small, complex parts in a wider variety of metals.<BR>

The diecaster noted MIM is suitable for producing small and even micro-size components, often with very complex geometries, using stainless steel, titanium, copper, and other metals.  Dynacast has been manufacturing small- and medium-sized diecastings for over 70 years using aluminum, magnesium, and zinc alloys. By adding MIM it said it is strengthening its commitment to producing the high-quality, precision-engineered components.

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Q Why should I consider upgrading my cold box binder system?  If everything is working satisfactorily, what improvements should I identify?  Also, what sort of return on investment (ROI), if any, should I expect?

A Unfortunately, it’s impossible to determine ROI for a hypothetical binder upgrade.  First, production variations establish unparalleled uniqueness between foundries....Read Full Answer

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