THE GRIEVE CORP. developed a gas-heated 2000°F (~1093.3°C) furnace -- No. 862  -- to be used for preheating molds. It’s fitted with four modulating natural-gas burners – achieving 750,000 BTU/hour  -- with a floor-mounted combustion air blower. Workspace dimensions are 36 in. wide x 48 in. deep x 36 in. high.

Grieve designs and builds furnaces for a range of industrial uses, including bench ovens, box furnaces, and conveyor belt ovens for powder coating, curing, baking, drying, and other applications requiring circulation of heated air. It also customizes designs like tunnel ovens and continuous ovens.

The mold-preheating unit has 7-in. thick insulated walls, comprising 5 in. of 2,300°F ceramic fiber and 2 in. of block insulation. The 7-in. floor insulation contains 4.5 in. of 2,300°F firebrick and 2.5 in. of block insulation.

Controls onboard No. 862 include an automatic door switch to drive burners to low fire when the door is opened and an air-operated vertical lift door.  All safety equipment required by the IRI, FM and the National Fire Protection Association Standard 86 for gas-heated furnaces is included.