A career in metalcasting can be very rewarding, with recognition for technical accomplishments, personal and social bonds that are lasting, and even financial enrichment, in some instances. Young men and women who select a "career in metalcasting" may have all these in mind, and maybe as well the possibility of self-fulfillment, of gaining the awareness that they have accomplished their mission in life.

If they do that then such a ‘career’ rates a higher evaluation, as a vocation, which is the case of the newest selection to Foundry Management &Technology’s Hall of Honor.

Victor S. LaFay is widely known and highly regarded as an authority on the materials and chemistry related to green sand casting. His work with the major suppliers in that field has made his expertise known to foundries around the world. LaFay’s scholarship on the subject has been widely presented, published, cited, and applied. His work has earned the recognition of technical and professional associations for more than two decades.

Still, what always will be mentioned first in any catalog of Vic LaFay’s attributes will be his geniality, his generosity to colleagues and friends, and his determination to make each project, each contact rewarding, to return value to the scientific and industrial community to which he feels grateful.

LaFay has embodied the purpose set by FM&T when the Hall of Honor was inaugurated in 1992: “… to recognize men and women whose technical and process innovations; organizational leadership; professional and industrial standards; and personal contributions and achievements have improved and enhanced metalcasting as a science, as an industry, and as a community.”