BIONOMIC INDUSTRIES INC. launched its new HEI wet electrostatic precipitator system it called a “breakthrough” in the advancement of state-of-the-art fine particulate control. Bionomic manufactures air pollution abatement, product and heat recovery technologies and the HEI system incorporates a novel discharge electrode technology that can be sized to specific applications, and concentrates a high-intensity ionizing corona in strategic areas within the collecting tubes instead of distributing it along the entire length of the tubes' treatment area.

The resultant particle-charging fields are two to three times stronger than conventional precipitators and deliver higher particulate charges, higher migration velocities, and a smaller precipitator size for gas capacities from 1,000 through 300,000 acfm.

Other features of the system are the available methods for collection tube cleaning, gas precleaning, and conditioning.

Unlike other precipitators that use sprays, overflow weirs, or packed marble beds, the HEI WESP incorporates the UltimixT Conditioning System for gas saturation and collection tube cleaning, and the patented RotaBedT Pre-Scrubber for acid removal and particulate loading reduction.

PLC-based voltage and spark controls (to maintain maximum electric field stability), non-fouling insulator locations, and new improved materials of construction that provide more resistance to corrosive gases complete the advanced yet economical system.

Typical applications include submicron particulate scrubbing, aerosols, mists, and smoke removal.