ZEBRA SKIMMERS’ new f16ac system optimizes compressor condensate discharge performance by combining a translucent barrel, spin-welded fittings to prevent leaks, permanent coalescing media that collects gravity separating oils, oil-drain spigot, automatic air-release vent, automatic de-oiled water drain port, and overflow protection.

The developer noted that its line of traditional coolant maintenance products offers “the industry’s first superior alternative to more expensive condensate management systems.” It offers manufacturers the ability and flexibility to adapt existing air compressor systems without sacrificing manufacturing performance.

“We designed the f16ac Condensate Management System to be a cost-effective alternative condensate system for air compressors with simple design, no replacement elements, and robust materials,” stated Steve Davidian, Zebra Skimmers president. “As the industry shifts and manufacturers seek improved methods of improving condensate maintenance performance our goal was to redefine point-of-use and develop a flexible solution that would meet these needs.

“The f16ac System is ideal for removing oils from the condensate build up in air compressor holding tanks, while providing a method of separation of oil from water,” he continued.

The f16ac system is simple but effective. An authorized user simply connects an automatic drain and discharge line from the compressor holding tank to the f16ac and waits for tramp oils to accumulate in the oil collection chamber.

The system is flexible enough to service compressors between 5 to 50 horsepower.

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