GOODFELLOW introduced a new line of ceramic foams that can be manufactured in nonstandard sizes and shapes. Currently available materials include silicon carbide, alumina, zirconia, or graphite. Products can be sized up to 50x600x800 mm.

The basic shapes available include square, circle, and rectangle, and custom shapes are offered with no extra tooling costs.

Products’ standard porosities start from 3 pores/cm up to 30 pores/cm, though other dimensions are available upon request, and it is possible to manufacture pieces with two different porosities. The products heat stability can range from 1,350° to 1,500°C.

Applications for ceramic foam include filtering molten iron, bronze, brass and copper alloys, for higher-quality castings with lower material and production costs.  For primary aluminum and nonferrous metal casting, ceramic foam ensures continuous and efficient mold filling.

For aluminum and nonferrous metal foundries, special filter prints of the mold gating system are available.

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