C3P SOFTWARE, a Hong Kong-based developer of CAx (computer-aided design and analysis) programs for industrial processes, released Cast-Designer LT, calling it “an economic simulation solution for casting processes.

The entry-level (or “light”) version of the Cast-Designer program can be purchased online and downloaded directly. Cast-Designer LT allows the designer and engineer to enhance and optimize their cast components, avoiding typical defects such as porosity, air entrapment, cold shots, etc., thanks to easy, powerful and accurate casting simulation tools.

Program modules include:
•  DFM analysis for casting parts, for gravity casting, and for part base-stress and –distortion;
•  Cast-Designer for diecasting (HPDC gating system design, CPI simulation for HPDC, and workflow analysis for CPI);
•  Cast-Designer for gravity casting (DFM for riser/core design, gating system design, workflow analysis for gravity casting); and,
•  Cast-Designer for investment casting.

Cast-Designer LT uses the latest FEM technology available, with a mesh generator it called “innovative and revolutionary.” The system can generate a body-fitted mesh fully automatically. Pre-defined casting process templates help to define a simulation model within five minutes, the developer claimed.

Moreover, the developers claim Cast-Designer LT requires no training, presents no high-tech program obstacles, and does not require a highly trained staff. Cast-Designer LT saves time and money, “moving the current complex simulation processes to only four steps, from opening the model to analyzing the results.”

Prospective subscribers can secure a 15-day trial of Cast-Designer LT online, after which the user is offered one of three leasing options. The business plans include one-month, six-month lease, and annual lease options.  The lease license grants license holders the right to use Cast-Designer LT software for a specified period of time with the option to renew their contract for additional payments. During the license period, the user also can get full technical support.

Visit www.c3p-group.com or www.cast-designer.com