LARSON ELECTRONICS LLC developed a 6,000-watt light for operators seeking a portable, 480-volt system for the worksite.  Equipped with four, 1,500-watt adjustable metal halide light heads, this Magnalight worksite lighting system can be used from the ground or elevated via crane to illuminate work areas.  The CM-4X15M-25-480V-3P worksite lighting system is shipping now. 

The four metal halide lights that can be positioned independently in any direction. The system can be powered with 480 volts.  Constructed of heavy-duty aluminum tubing, this work area floodlightsystem is built for durability and demanding conditions.  The design allows the operator to pick the light system with a crane as easily as using it from the ground, because the light heads can be pointed directly up or down.  Larger floodlight systemsincluding as many as 24 light heads, alternative voltages, and low wattage LEDs are available in a similar configuration.

“Our new CM-4X15M-25-480V-3P worksite illumination system is designed to be positioned within, above or below the work area for optimal coverage,” according to Rob Bresnahan. “The 480-volt ballasts don’t require any kind of transformer or power distribution.  Instead operators can tie off directly to their 480-volt panel and get the lighting they require.”

Larson Electronics manufactures a variety of industrial lighting products including explosion proof lighting, worksite lighting, and blasting lights.