Your business doesn’t run itself. The quality of your organization depends on the quality of your team, and a motivated, energized staff is the key to companywide success. You want “A Players,” those colleagues who contribute disproportionately to the advancement and profitability of the organization.

Economist and philosopher Vilfredo Pareto helped standardize statistical analysis of social activity, notably reflected in the Pareto Principle — that 80% of results are produced by 20% of the resources.  In the same way, the A Players in your organization have a measurable impact on your bottom line.

The Pareto Principle is frequently applied in analyses of sales programs, but it applies to organizations in other ways too. If you can build a team of A Players around you, your job as a business leader or owner becomes much easier, as you do not have to deal with endless crises and can work more intentionally on developing the future strategy for your organization.