Imagine using a high-powered magnifying glass to examine a watch mechanism in great detail in order to identify problems and understand better how to improve its performance. In many ways, Sensor Synergy is doing the same thing in foundries, only the focus is on time-resolved, power-use measurements for large, energy-intensive equipment and processes.

Detailed, power-use measurements with good time resolution will provide great insights into the energy-use and operations of energy intensive equipment and processes. It’s been found that these insights can help foundry operators and managers identify solutions for reduced energy consumption and improved productivity.

To implement this solution, Sensor Synergy's Watts Aware-130 hardware and software is used as an energy-use monitoring system. This system can be configured to monitor electricity, natural gas, or compressed air. In addition, customized cloud-based database software is used to collect, store, and retrieve data.

As the information is being collected by the cloud-based servers, processed data is being compared to alert conditions so that alert text and email alert messages are generated and sent to appropriate staff in line with predetermined conditions. This technology has been applied to induction furnaces, but also to other “power-hogs, including air compressors, HVAC equipment, and dust collectors.

In the foundry, this real-time, monitoring equipment with 1-second resolution is deployed to measure and record the electricity, natural gas or compressed air that is used by the targeted equipment.   Raw data is collected, processed, and displayed in the foundry and also simultaneously uploaded to a cloud-based server, for viewing by other authorized stakeholders through standard web browser software.  To achieve energy and productivity improvements, measured data is analyzed in detail to identify trends and alert staff to out-of-normal conditions.

Three months of expert engineering support is included with the solution to help the staff target the best energy-saving opportunities. This data can be reviewed and analyzed further by Sensor Synergy experts who work with foundry operators to correlate power-use trends with measurements, and to identify cost-saving opportunities from process or equipment modifications.