In the first week of June, a group of individuals will gather on a Swiss mountaintop to discuss theories and exchange information: it’s no conspiracy, just one of various training seminars and users’ conferences for subscribers to numerous process simulation software platforms. The Switzerland event will be ESI Group’s Solidification Course 2013, and the developer promises this 22nd presentation of the course will work forward from the theoretical concepts toward applications of solidification theories in industrial processes: “Connection between macroscopic and microscopic aspects, such as the prediction of microstructures and defects as a function of process parameters,” will be emphasized, too.

simulation softwareESI is one of the principle developers of simulation software for metalcasting, with a suite of products (ProCAST, QuikCAST) that simulate production processes in ways that will anticipate errors in mold filling and solidification defects, as well as predict mechanical properties and distortion.

Other developers make comparable efforts to coordinate their own technical developments with users’ experience. This month, Flow Science Inc. will offer a general training course for its computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software, and more focused courses will be staged on a monthly basis, on different subjects, including Flow-3D training. It will hold a users’ conference in Spain in June, and frequently adds more programs to the agenda.

With their objective of optimizing production, metalcasters cannot (and do not) prioritize theory, but that does not mean they aren’t ready for new ideas and applications – once they’re available. Which may not be soon, or frequent, enough. But, even if new ideas are not available it’s useful to know what problems and solutions other metalcasters are discussing.

In fact, Magma GmbH has moved to make more permanent its dissemination of ideas and applications for simulation. Last fall, Magma inaugurated a new training center at its headquarters in Aachen, Germany, expanding an earlier training and seminar series to match the widening demand for “knowledge transfer” on subjects of casting process simulation.

MagmaAcademy courses and seminars for casting designers, buyers, and executives, aim to help each area of interest use simulation more effectively, and profitably. That’s the link from theoretical to practical.