Superior Graphite

Superior Graphite
10 South Riverside Plaza, Suite 1470
Chicago, IL  60606
Fax: 312-559-9064

Peter R. Carney,  Chairman

Edward Carney,   
President and CEO

Ronald Pawelko, Sr. Vice President - Finance

Dennis Shannon    
Vice President - Sales

Gerard Hand    
Vice President - Marketing

Superior Graphite is recognized as the world’s leader in providing the iron and steel industries with desired, high-value graphite/carbon solutions. The company is international in scope and provides advanced products, with technical services, to customers in more than 40 countries.

Since 1917, Superior Graphite has been providing its customers with graphite/carbon materials to solve metallurgical as well as production process problems. The company’s knowledge-based employees, coupled with its unique high-temperature manufacturing technologies, enable it to offer materials desired by the industries it serves.

Unique Capabilities

Superior Graphite operates two different electrothermal continuous process technologies, which in turn provide high-value end graphite/carbon products to its customers. In tandem with these technologies is a knowledgeable, flexible work force prepared to provide excellent innovative product support services. A sophisticated distributor/agent network complements Superior Graphite’s worldwide direct employees.

In Hopkinsville, KY, and Sundsvall, Sweden, the company operates a proprietary continuous manufacturing process that thermally purifies granular carbon-based materials, typically at temperatures up to 2,500°C.

This statistically process-controlled technology is focused to produce a number of distinctly different specialized graphite/carbon materials. The most widely recognized finished product from this technology is trade-named Desulco.

Desulco is a precision-engineered granular carbon additive used extensively in ferrous melting, where carbon performance is critical. Important Desulco high-value characteristics are consistency, reliability, and predictability. Typical product properties are 99.9% C, 0.015% S, and under 100 PPM gas levels. Desulco is the product of choice for replacing synthetic graphite and coke in the production of ductile iron, gray iron, carbon steel, special quality steels, and steel ladle refining. Over 1,000,000 tons of Desulco have been shipped to customers worldwide without a quality defect.

In Russellville, AR, the company is uniquely focused on manufacturing mid-size diameter (200-450 mm) Ark graphite electrodes used in electric arc furnaces. Ark electrodes benefit from a unique continuous graphitizing technology that imparts very uniform and consistent properties on each piece.

Other electrodes are produced in Acheson batch furnaces. This Acheson process was developed in the late 1800s. Again, ultra-high temperatures exceeding 2,500°C are controlled to exacting standards to produce problem-free Ark graphite electrodes. Finished products have earned a worldwide reputation for dependable, trouble-free, consistently high-value performance. Like all Superior Graphite product offerings, Ark graphite electrodes are performance-benchmarked by technical field engineers throughout the world.

Manufacturing Facilities
Chicago, IL, USA — 3 sites
Hopkinsville, KY, USA — 2 sites
Russellville, AR, USA — 1 site
Sundsvall, Sweden — 1 site

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