THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC introduced the Thermo Scientific ARL iSpark OES spectrometer, an instrument designed to provide precise, accurate and reliable metals analysis. The ARL iSpark spectrometer, designed for high-speed, high-throughput analysis, helps metallurgists achieve higher productivity and quality, and deliver savings on operational cost.

“The ARL iSpark offers metallurgists fast analysis, which increases efficiency and reduces costs, especially when working with molten metals,” stated Thermo Fisher’s Dr. Ravi Yellepeddi. “Higher accuracy reduces raw materials waste and improves production quality by enabling metallurgists to confirm precise concentrations of elements, down to parts per million.”

Optical emission spectrometry, which analyzes the emitted light from spark excitation of a metallic sample, is one of the most reliable and accurate means of characterizing the composition of metals and alloys. ARL iSpark integrates the PMT and CCD detection technologies to provide high-performance analysis while maintaining versatility to cover a wide range of elements.

ARL iSpark spectrometer is factory-calibrated to the user’s specifications, allowing it to reliably quantify the specific elements of interest to each facility. The series is designed to provide optimal solutions to primary metal producers, medium- to high-level metal processors and foundries, recyclers and central laboratories, as well as contract/analytical service labs.

The ARL iSpark OES spectrometer also includes a simplified, operator-level user interface, designed to allow non-scientists to operate the device while more advanced features are available for laboratory and QC/QA managers. For more information,