KEYENCE CORPORATION OF AMERICA combined the optical design of its digital microscopes with high-speed, high-accuracy measurement and 3D technology of its displacement gauges to develop a macroscope that completes instant 3D measurements. The VR-3000 Series, one-shot 3D measuring macroscope enables users to instantly perform accurate and repeatable non-contact profiles and measurements over a wide area.

The VR-3000 Series incorporates “the world's first, one-shot 3D algorithm,” enabling 3D surface measurements such as height, angles, and radii to be taken simultaneously. Irregularities like waviness, curvature, and warpage can also be easily measured. All of the measurements in XYZ are traceable to international standards, while an included calibration gauge allows anyone to calibrate the equipment on-site. Three double-telecentric lenses minimize distortion and ensure accurate measurements throughout the field-of-view. Unlike most measurement systems, which require a large amount of space, the VR-3000 has only a fraction of the footprint.

Designed to eliminate measurement variations between users, the VR-3000 incorporates a one-click measure feature: the operator simply places an object on the stage and clicks a button. The system will automatically scan and collect 3D data without the need to set or adjust individual parameters.

Measurement assistance functions make it possible to achieve accurate and repeatable results between users or when measuring multiple targets.

Templates can be created to automate the measurement process, too.

Equipped with various 3D measurement tools, the VR-3000 is able to calculate profiles, roughness, waviness, height changes, angles, volumes, and more. Once this data has been collected, users can create reports quickly with the built-in software, and export files directly to a CAD program.

In addition to use as a measuring system, the VR-3000 also functions as an easy-to-use microscope, making it suitable for everyday inspection work as well. The system is equipped with a magnification range from 12x to 160x and includes a high-resolution digital camera for capturing images up to 9 megapixels. Utilizing some of the advanced functions of the VHX-2000 Digital Microscope series, the VR-3000 is able to capture fully-focused images using an extended-focus algorithm, enhance contrast and texture with High Dynamic Range, and perform 2D measurements.