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U.S. Silica Company is one of the leading producers and processors of high quality round, sub-angular and resin-coated foundry sands. U.S. Silica is headquartered in Frederick, MD with seventeen plant locations in the Eastern and Midwestern United States.

New Product Line

InnoSet resin-coated foundry sands are manufactured on state-of-the-art coating lines located at our new facility in Rochelle, IL and deliver quality and performance in core making and metal pouring operations for aluminum, iron and steel applications.  Our LX & OX formulations address odor and VOC/HAP issues within the core room, in the foundry and any surrounding neighborhood.  Call us today to discuss your needs.

Main Foundry Plants

The round grain and high purity sand of Ottawa, IL makes it the most desirable molding and core-making medium for all size castings and most metals. Ottawa produces twenty-three standard foundry grades.

The operation produces coarse, medium and fine grades that are ideal for lost foam processes and other applications requiring the combination of high permeability and low fines.

The U.S. Silica plants located in Mill Creek, OK and Pacific, MO offer round grain sand grades that are excellent choices for molding and core making applications – all size castings and most metals. The unique nature of Mill Creek’s raw material and their advanced processing system is matchless in tensile strength when combined with a quality resin system. The round to sub-round grains of Pacific, MO products are similar in performance to the Illinois District sands.

Mauricetown, NJ and Hurtsboro, AL locations offer sub-angular sand grades that provide first class core strength, superior permeability and lower packing densities. These grades will allow expansion and contraction during your casting process with less potential for thermal cracking and veining.

The processes used at the Mauricetown, NJ and Hurtsboro, AL plants ensure consistent clean sand with low turbidities and increased tensile strength.

Quality Assurance
Our plant and corporate lab personnel can assist you with superior quality assurance testing.

Let us help you to compete in the global market that demands quality castings!

Domestic Facilities

Berkeley Springs, WV
Columbia, SC
Dubberly, LA*
Hurtsboro, AL
Kosse, TX
Mauricetown, NJ*
Mapleton Depot, PA
Mill Creek, OK
Montpelier, VA
Ottawa, IL
Pacific, MO
Rochelle, IL*

* Not ISO 9001:2008 Certified










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