Ideas carry power, and we live in a time when even the allure of new or different ideas has a sort of power over us. We are alert to new products that are hailed as ‘innovations’, and we respond to “high concept” revisions or “original interpretations”.  In this atmosphere, inventors, designers, creators, and instigators, naturally draw a lot of attention – whether deserving or not. 

Most of us are less attuned to the influence of ideas, or their progress as they gain currency or lose relevance. Least appreciated of all are the curators of ideas, the individuals working to identify and document ideas, frequently improving ideas by adding context or detail, and especially to communicate ideas by careful explanation. There is less power in that role, but more influence.

Raymond W. Monroe is a curator of ideas. He appreciates the power of ideas to influence individuals and improve lives. He works to locate the ideas that will make a difference in the technology of metalcasting, and that will encourage metalcasters to improve their work and businesses.  He takes little credit, but his role as the longtime Executive Vice President of the Steel Founders’ Society of America has resulted in significant success for that association – and even greater success for SFSA’s member companies, and their associates and customers.

It’s this devotion to the importance of good ideas that has earned Monroe a place in the FM&T Hall of Honor.

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